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Gnorisa tin mana sou (I met your mother)

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I met your mother.Read More

Free Condoms #GQLiverocks

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Our team will be handing out condoms with #GQLive insignia packaging outside the American Embassy.Read More

GQLive Anthem

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GQLive AnthemRead More

GQLive – The Fastest Sound Around

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Wisdom from the man that spins the vinyl's online!. Tradition meets tech. Not many old skool DJ's left. Now everything's become automated. GQLive respects music & preserves tradition so if you're into electronic music and want the real deal, it's GQLive #GQLive #radioRead More

Goa Psytrance

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GQLive – The Fastest Sound Around: http://bit.ly/2Gu5u2W

You will bin that sickening TV of yours once you become a listener of GQLive radio. Goa Psytrance, Trance, Techno and the best consciousness enhancing music and philosophical pointers that may induce ego-loss, self-realization/transcendence, Awakening to reality. The end of suffering & illusion.

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What do you do when your elderly mother is afraid to stay by herself at night but doesn’t want anyone living with her?

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Read George G.Q. Satsias' answer to What do you do when your elderly mother is afraid to stay by herself at night but doesn't want anyone living with her? on Quora

It seems like your Mothers brain has come to a point of severe deterioration with dementia perhaps as she seems to be a “living” contradiction.

It’s as though one was to say “I’m afraid of the dark but I don’t want any light”.

First, this may seem to the billions around the globe exceptionally humorous, or just basically outright hilarious! but it must be understood that there are millions such as this person is suffering the mind of persistent negative irrational thoughts that serve as a kind of virus that will eventually devour its host befor...

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Fastest Sound Around? Woopee!

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