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My First Open Mic Experience

Last year in June 24, 2018, I went to an poetry open mic night at the bowery club in NYC to recite “Should I Go To An Open Mic“. It was such a lovely and yet nerve wrecking experience. I have always hated public speaking(especially when my family is around) but I had a few […]

If You Was An Animal, What Would You Be?

Full of patience I wish for a lifespan that extends like Great Wall of China. I pray for mental endurance to keep my mind healthy like a ocean. I’m 1 out of 1000 and luck is my blessing. I don’t drown, I’m swimming towards a greater blessing. Learning to slow down and smell roses. Learning […]

I Am In Love With My Seductive Next Door Neighbor (Part 2)

I Am In Love With My Seductive Next Door Neighbor (Part 2)

Before Reading This Chapter You Must Read     I Am In Love With My Seductive Next Door Neighbor (Part 1)      Through out this series just so there is no confusion, I will be doing flashbacks where I may be describing a scene between characters where the characters are describing a scene that […]

True Love Is Scarfice

True Love Is Scarfice

Check out this post  ” A heart for God”   because this post is powerful and it encouraged me to write this poem in the comment section.   Being romantic and doing nice things can be a disguise since it doesn’t guarantee love all the time. But it can be all lies disguising negative energy as […]

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