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Relationship award winner shoutcast radio station 2019 Google

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@samharrisorg thanks

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@samharrisorg thanks

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Darth Vader endorses GQLive

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Ugly men Shreks

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Teen Muscle Podcast Ep3. Bodybuilding and the horror of high Prolactin Levels

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Podcast Ep. 3


Working out for Teens Podcast Ep.3

Teens fitness Podcast Ep.3

14yr. old asks:

Can I prevent gyno (Gynecomastia) by taking Multivitamins?


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Working out for Teens Podcast Ep.3 – High Prolactin DANGER!

Racism (Segue Bonus Track)Teen-Fitness-Podcast

Teen Muscle Podcast Ep2. Post Workout Nutrition? WTF?

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Podcast Ep. 2


Working out for Teens Podcast Ep.2

Teens fitness Podcast Ep.2

14yr. old asks:

Should I take protein straight after a workout?


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Working out for Teens Podcast Ep.2 – Post Workout Nutrition

#QuitNofap Movement (non-profit)

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Thank you in advance.

Donation page. By donating you immediately become a part of the movement.

Please email us if your donation shall be USD200,000 or greater. Now is the time to contribute in even more practical ways as well. We welcome your questions l, suggestions, thoughts and ideas. We will happily listen to your idea. Moreover, we thrive on creativity and originality. If you have what it takes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Olga in CY Available guys!

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She would like to share life’s experiences with a partner. A man.

Old Fashioned!

“Old school” gentlemen! you’ll love her as she’s picked up those traditional Russian characteristics whereby she will always have your back, cook and clean for you l, make your bed and tidy your stuff because she feels it’s her duty.

She makes good Porsche Russian salad and other scrumptious recipes as it’s in most ladies DNA VILL (via evolution by natural selection).

A few children to make noise?

She’s at a ripe age for childbearing if you’re interested in continuing your existence after death through children.

I like beach…

Long legs…
As you See! I go gym.

Obviously, the pretty Justin Bieber style manfem look won’t do. You gotta have it. You gotta be a man. You cannot learn or pretend.

The Alpha Male

Take a look at the Varoufakis video to get an idea. Genetics 🧬


Olga enjoys Russian Dance music and English Rock! Ok enough.

Fulfilled a promise 😚

Varoufakis Varoufakis Varoufakis

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Yiannis Varoufakis of DIEM 25 & Former Finance Minister of Greece.

Mixing by GQLive – The Fastest Sound Around – Home of The PsyTrance Nationalists.

Yani, we need your help back home

Ioannis Georgiou “Yanis” Varoufakis is an economist, politician and academic. With a speciality in game theory, he was a professor lecturing in the United States until he was summoned to Greece in 2015 at the height of the Greek costs in order to serve as Minister of finance to negotiate with the creditors under the newly elected “radical” leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of the (formerly unheard of) Syriza party that just won a landslide victory.

Varoufakis task of negotiating a deal with Greece’s creditors when it 🇬🇷 went bust in 2015 and subsequently resigning following a referendum in which the citizens would either deny more austerity albeit risking Grexit or more of the usual torture. Over 60% of the Greek population voted against another bank bailout followed by harsher austerity. 


Varoufakis alleges that he was to honour the will of the Greek people but his plans were thwarted when his friend Alexis Tsipras and others succumbed to pressure at the very last moment. Varoufakis promptly resigned in light of the blatant backstabbing.

The bankrupt state, now forced to take on the largest loan in human history in order to return the money to pay back Ze German and some French banks is underway.

Many Greeks continue to find themselves living in abject poverty while government cuts pensions and privatizes state owned industries and services (only foreigners can afford to buy) among other things. The result can be described bluntly. An enslavement of the people whilst the Germans buyout Greece, for an economic war is far more discreet and the invaders need not spill an ounce of blood.

Blitzkrieg 2.0


Free Condoms #GQLiverocks


Upcoming event

#GQLive is honored & proud to sponsor Our team will be handing out condoms with GQLive insignia packaging outside the American Embassy from 7am-7pm. Saturday 16th #GQLiverocks #QuitAids 🚫

Flavored Condoms:

  1. Mint
  2. Fruit & Nut
  3. Delicious raspberry
  4. Airani
  5. Naughty Banana
  6. Beef stroganoff
  7. Olive twist

See you there… until then keep listening. (Duh!).

As the author of this particular post I’m amazed at how utterly stupid I am at certain times.

Goa Psytrance

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GQLive – The Fastest Sound Around:

You will bin that sickening TV of yours once you become a listener of GQLive radio. Goa Psytrance, Trance, Techno and the best consciousness enhancing music and philosophical pointers that may induce ego-loss, self-realization/transcendence, Awakening to reality. The end of suffering & illusion.


Lose your-self the beats of GQ

He once played a song.

I came.

Queen Zenas De Tyras Kunther IV


Phoenician Empire

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What do you do when your elderly mother is afraid to stay by herself at night but doesn’t want anyone living with her?


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Entwined amongst satin sheets.  Come here. Let’s have sex now! Immediately.

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