Perhaps the first broadcaster to cater to the Third World.

Streaming at ultra-low bit rates for even those who have been forgotten by all except for evil Mark Zuckerberg.

In Europe we’ve had our fair share of misery. During World War II the small French resistance would sit eagerly and listen to the BBC broadcast Charles De Gaulle speaking and raising morale amongst his fellow compatriots. Then came one of Sir. Winston Churchill’s most fiery speeches such as the following:


“We will fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing ground, fight in the streets We will never surrender”



Moreover, when our fellow Eastern Europeans were trapped behind the Iron Curtain (essentially a big prison), they would manage to find their little radios and tune into ‘Free America’ over than being totally hypnotized by the state government propaganda machine’s delusional fairy-tales.




Our efforts also go out to those forgotten remote little tribal civilizations across the world. You will never walk alone nor be forgotten regardless if you’re stranded in the Bermuda Triangle.

GQLive third-world Service

Whether or not you’re on a mere patch of sand 2 x 2 m wide with only a palm tree suspended above you and a crow constantly shitting on your head, GQLive is with you.

To the Falkland Islands as well as Palau and the East sandwich islands. Once again, it will be said:
We’re proud to have all 2500 of you listening to the one and only GQLive – The Fastest Sound Around.

Citation needed :-/

Американская фирма Transceptor Technology приступила к производству компьютеров Персональный спутник

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